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Hey guys,

I am looking for a clan For Destiny 2, I am a fairly newer player to D2 and but a long time gamer.  I am wanting to learn more about the PvP and raiding options in D2 and would love the assistance of a friendly clan.



Hello Strydearce, My name is Hotseff and I have a clan with me, my 2 friends and one other person who joined from one of my posts probably. So if you want to you can join my clan and I'd happily help you. I'm even planning on going through the Leviathan this Saturday if you want to join me. Here's the link to my clan


The Blackstar Bats [BATS]

  • Discord: The Belfry (
  • Link:
  • Region/Platform: PC/NA
  • Focus: Casual PVE and PVP. We get into a bit of everything, from Public Events to Raids to Trials of the Nine. Who you are is more important to us than your gearscore, and your ability to gel with existing members is paramount to your success as an applicant. That said, we're not too picky--just don't be a jerk and you're well on your way.
  • Looking For: "Older" gamers (20+) that want to play with a relaxed bunch of people, chat, coordinate over voice and enjoy the game.
  • Need Not Apply: Folks who are looking to grind out the most optimized build immediately at the cost of all else. Different strokes and all that, but you won't find the support you might need here.


We are a small tight knit group that plays Destiny 2. We don't want to be a huge clan, we just want enough good people to do raids and pvp each week. We are older married guys that are just looking to progress and do some end game content in the evenings and on weekends, so if your a woman gamer and want a place to play in peace your welcome here and/or If your looking for a relaxed place to learn and progress this is it. We do want to take progression seriously and we do want that loot but no one will scream at you for messing up or being late, real life always comes first.

Link: ( tag is Negativeapex#1553