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looking for casual clan



Sun, 07/08/2018 - 01:12

Hey there!

I've recently started up a new community, Desolution gaming, with my partner in crime. We are currently looking for people to join us!

If interested at all, come check out our group page at:

Happy Gaming!


Tue, 07/03/2018 - 21:53

Interested in joining a clan? Top Notch needs some members to join!!! contact me if you are interested on discord or psn

PSN: bccody




Thu, 06/21/2018 - 22:09

Hello! I am the founder of Angels Gaming.

I would like to invite you to join our clan!!
We play 3 games! Fortnite, overwatch and ww2! We use Discord to communicate, but play on xbox.

Discord server:
Xbox gamertag: KingxOfxAngelsx

Please contact us on any of these!~


Thu, 06/21/2018 - 22:09

Hello! I am the founder of Angels Gaming.

I would like to invite you to join our clan!!
We play 3 games! Fortnite, overwatch and ww2! We use Discord to communicate, but play on xbox.

Discord server:
Xbox gamertag: KingxOfxAngelsx

Please contact us on any of these!~


Tue, 06/12/2018 - 01:14

"Bakes Clan has taken a interest in recruiting you, we are small and play a variety of games on multiple platforms. We only require you have the discord application on your phone or pc. For any other questions or interest in joining please message Baconboy88888888#0500 on discord (There are 8 8s.)

Sinister Misfi…

Sat, 06/09/2018 - 15:19

Sinister Misfits Initiative would love to speak with you about the possibility of joining us. We have very few requirements.

  • 18+ is an absolute must
  • Must have a mic
  • A very good sense of humor
  • The Discord App
  • Mutual respect
  • Tolerance

For more information or if you have any questions, please send me a friend request and a message on Discord to RysingPhoenix#0645

TOAO Community

Mon, 05/07/2018 - 22:37

Hello there, we see you are looking for a group! Why not join with a Community? Visit out website and fill out a Member Form under the Charter page if you are interested in joining. 


Please Contact [email protected] for any questions you may have about our community and/or website.


Fri, 05/04/2018 - 15:57

heyy heyy heyy add YaroY2K on xbox one 

I am a bit chatty but get work done on fortnite and gta5, battlefield , infinity war etc/. lets have fun booooiz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LilSpicy Nug

Wed, 04/25/2018 - 20:27

Check out our website, we are recruiting all day, everyday! its super chill, but I'll let you be the one to decide. Hit me up on Xbox GT is rG LilSpicy Nug


Mon, 04/23/2018 - 01:31

I think DI fits the bill We have 24 divisions and are growing, hoping to achieve 40, our active member base is about 1000+ and there are always people looking to play, We use teamspeak to organize our tournaments events and all other social activities. Now since your a casual player, I think you would like our community division which is focused on the casual side but we do have competitive divisions if you ever choose that you'd like to try it out ^_^ also we hope to do prize tournaments soon and are starting to look for coaches for our plays. If youd like to learn a little more about Us feel free to go to this link.


Fri, 04/20/2018 - 14:03

Dutch Dokusai meaning Dutch Shogunate (dictatorship) is a gaming community that unifies people under one banner to play online games. Despite our name "Dutch" Dokusai, we are an international community. However, English or Dutch is required to be able to communicate with fellow members. We play lots of games like: R6 Siege, Escape form Tarkov, Dayz, Warthunder, Arma 3, Total War and many more. We also host bi-annual real life meeitngs featuring beer, BBQ and loads of fun.

Before applying read this:

Be at least 18 years old. Able to speak the English or Dutch language. You must have a working microphone. You must have a working headset / headphone or earplugs. No cheating or hacking in any way! We use "line chat messenger" on the smartphone. Smartphone and LINE MESSENGER is a must to have.

If you are still interested add me on steam: [DD] Sproeier or apply on our steam community page "Dutch Dokusai Community", check our webpage or join our Discord

Dutch Dokusai Introduction 2017 video


Rabbit PMS

Tue, 04/17/2018 - 02:53

Have you try checking out a clan call PMS|H2O? I hear they are pretty awesome people and play games on all different kinds of platform. ;)

If you ever just want to give us a try before joining or just want to play with us time to time, let me know! We have Community Game Nights where everyone is allow to play and welcome.


Sun, 04/15/2018 - 03:50

Yo I feel like our clan fits perfectly to your description, we have over 15 different games and over 2000 members with casual ones and more competitive ones. This is our link to the rosters and games: If you have any further questions message me on Discord: Thendoren#8303


Sat, 04/14/2018 - 20:18

The Art of Warfare (TAW), a gaming community of around 2800 members that support 40 different games and have been a gaming community since 2001.

TAW recruits mature players who seek a friendly environment to hone their skills, play in or cast tournaments, coach other players, play team games, or just have a lot of fun with games.

Our core principles are: Respect, Communication, and Collaboration.

We offer one of the world’s largest TeamSpeak 3 servers filled with active players daily, special in-house events, high level training, skilled practice partners, a full website and forum, your own email, in-game clan tag, and much more.

To learn more or sign-up, visit

If you have any questions feel free to send them to [email protected] and I will answer them myself or redirect you to the leader in charge of the game you are interested in.


Fri, 04/13/2018 - 18:45

Greetings fellow fortnite players,
we're Cobra eSports and we would like to invite you to our fortnite team!
There are a few requirements in order to join us

+ Minimum 17 of age
+ Minimum 100 wins
+ Minimum 2.0 K/D
+ Maturity
+ Microphone is a must
+ Has to be EU

About us
Cobra eSports is a community that wants to provide you with the best eSport experience and we've a super friendly staff that will be available to support you, if you have any questions or needs.

We host weekly tournaments for different games. The prizes can vary a lot, depending on how big the tournament will be.
We have an amazing amount of super friendly people with different nationalities and the chance for meeting a fellow citizen is very high!
We also would like to help streamers to get bigger in the streaming scene, so we do also give a hand for those that could use a hand.
We offer non-stop music and also got Karaoke events where everyone can participate and show their singing skills!
We have hilarious memes and also meme bots that can share the newest memes out there!
We also give our users self-assignable roles and we have more than 150+ of them, but you can't get everything.
We also host some gaming nights such as in-house with voice communication included. This is super fun, if you just want to play friendly games together, and have a laugh!

If you've got any questions, then feel free to ask us in our discord
Hope to see you,


Thu, 04/12/2018 - 05:40

Hey, sounds like we fit the bill, and we're trying to grow! Check out our page or go ahead and join our discord and leave a message! Hope to see you as one of the few founding members of the Disciples of Xel'naga!