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Looking for active UK Cod Clan



25th Jan 2022 - 8:44am

We are recruiting ACTIVE MEMBERS for Call of Duty!


16 and up


All regions & game platforms welcome!


Are you tired of getting queued up with the WORST randoms? Need some folks to smash Multiplayer with or just squad up with? 

Our community, Merciless Pros Network, or MPN, is looking for new members to join our Call of Duty squad, known as Phoenix Squad!


What MPN offers:



* Structured ranks

* Safe gaming environment

* Weekly member only events

* Giveaways

* Sponsored community

* Community-specific website

* Active Member exclusive Discord server

* Casual gaming community 

* Leadership progression system

* Weekly squad meetings

* Experienced and new players encouraged to join

* Multi game & multi platform

* LGBTQ+ & 420 friendly

* Real world education opportunities

* Merch line

* Esports team

* GFX/VFX Team

* Stream Support, including Stream Team

* Multiple Clubs

* Over 1,200 members & counting!


Ready to experience all MPN has to offer? 


Please let me know if you are interested.

You can get in touch with me quickest by messaging me on Discord. MPN_iFillCoffins#1994


16th Jan 2022 - 3:37am

Anyone looking to join a gaming community for all types of games 

People to play with all the time?


XDG (Xero degrees Gaming) is looking for new people to join



All platforms

Must enjoy Gaming 😉 

Have discord and be active on discord daily 👀 


We host tournaments 

We have game nights most nights 

We have fun competitions within the community for prizes 

YT is in the works


We also have other games. 



Destiny 2 



Send me a message or comment underneath and ill respond with ant questions you guys might have.

Thanks for your time reading 😅


27th Dec 2021 - 2:30am


Your welcome to jump in with us. We're in the process of building a new one from the ground up so there's only two of us (until the rest upgrade to Vanguard) but we're UK based. 

Just casual gamers that play in the evenings and weekends around work. 

If interested, feel free to drop me an add @ SleeplessGeordie