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Looking for an Active Destiny 2 PC Clan


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I have been playing destiny since the Destiny 1 BETA phase. Had been playing on PS4. Moved to PC recently and looking for a Clan of Mature gamers fun to hang out with. Have played all raids till SOS. Will be looking to play the last wish and other new raids. Majorly a PVE player. 



4th Jul 2019 - 7:59am

We wish to invite you to Callus' Dungeon for Destiny 2

We would love to have you on board!
We are a chill PC clan based in Australia but we push out to enroll people on an international level, We are super chill and we expect you to be the same!
Our goal is to provide Destiny 1 and 2 players with a place to relax and game, if your a casual that's fantastic! If your a hardcore Guardian that's also fantastic!
We have no obligations when it comes to engaging in activities and we are always on the look out for raid teams and other LFG activities!
Most of our day to day interaction is done on our discord server which has been kitted out with Charlemagne, and automation bot that gives you a level on your profile for chatting and even playing Destiny as the server taps into your destiny progress and your clan participation! Our bot also relays news and other cool bits of information to you as you play and interact with the clan!

We look forward to seeing you on board!

(PS Clan URL is provided upon registration on the Discord server!)


25th Jun 2019 - 5:29pm

Hey, man! I just created a new clan the other day and am heavily recruiting! Here's the link to the clan and our mission statement!

Our main focus is to complete weekly objectives, teach new players, teach people how to use Twitch and start making money with it, raids, pvp, nightfalls, etc.

We have a Discord, too! My Discord username is swmtothemoon#4005

We only have 2 people in the clan so far but as of today I will be heavily recruiting on the daily!