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Looking for an active destiny 2 clan!

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I am currently in a clan that doesn’t really do much at all nor does anything with their members. So I was wondering if there are any clans that are open? I’m xbox atm but might be moving to P.C. later on! So a clan that is on pc and xbox would be great!

I’m a hunter main but I’m working on my warlock and an but on my titan. My hunter is a 980, my warlock is a 970 and my titan is and 890!

I do a lot of PvE but I have not done any destiny 2 raids as I have no raid team or friends to do raids with.

Im not a pvp player as of yet. I’m pretty terrible at it but I’m trying to get better. I’m only good at gambit at the moment.


Im hoping the clan is a medium to large clan I don’t like small ones to be honest. 
I do also play monster hunter world iceborne!

some things about me:

I am 20 years old! 
moved from ps3 to Xbox one so consider me a veteran of destiny(also a huge lore nerd)
Im in the US