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Looking for active community!


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I play on PC and I have a mic. I'm chill, down to earth, and love to have fun. Unfortunately sometimes I do get a little tilted but I am working on that problem. I only play on PC so unless its a game that supports crossplay, I am looking for the same in the community I join. I don't use teamspeak and am looking for a community with a discord. I'm 27.

I play many games, ask and I'll probably play it. However in terms of non  real clan supported games a big one right now is Dead by Daylight.




14th Aug 2021 - 2:15am

Hey man my name is Azzy! I'm strictly a Pc player and owner of KCG! We're looking at add more PC players as of now we have about 10? We are a 16+ community with all of our PC guys being like 25+ if you wanna come chill with us the Discord link is in the bio!