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Looking for active Battlefield 5 Clan!

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I’m a skilled player looking for a battlefield 5 clan and I also plan on playing the division 2. I’m ranked top 15% in headshots and top 27% in saviour kills for Battlefield 5. Despite my current KD I now average about a 1.15KD and climbing (I started low on battlefield 5 as I was new to online shooters) and I consistently finish atop leaderboards with my high objective score counts. I’m a marksman and I relish in picking off those hard to get players to clear the battlefield. Mainly play on PS4 gamer tag is same as my username here: bluescluesmf2 



23rd Sep 2019 - 6:23am



I am the leader of The Exiles and we were looking over your profile just now. We are a new and up coming Battlefield 5 clan with various openings available. We would be interested in having you try out for our team when you are able to. We love how your stats sounds like and we would love to see you in action! Feel free to add my PSN MsterTrav and if you can fill out this form and it will help us out greatly! We hope to hear from you soon!

~ MsterTrav