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Libertas Legion: Make Gaming Great Again

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The Libertas Legion is entering it's sixth year in 2021. We are a community that for more than five years has been actively encouraging and promoting freedom of speech and game play for the community and it's members. Enjoy unrestricted humor, an international player base and a sports team like mentality with social and gaming benefits. The LSLN is a tight knit community where members are expected to make their own place and put in the effort, we merely provide you the tools to do so and give you an opportunity to be apart of a team without fear of admin abuse or sucking up to mods to be able to game in peace and have an army behind your back every step of the way. This group's top priority is fun and freedom in gaming. Everyone here is bound by our constitution, we are not fixed to any one game so activity and sessions will change over time. Please note that if you aren't joining for the values and the team mentality then please don't bother.







- 18+

- Be able to take & dish out jokes

- Erotically embrace unrestricted free speech & dark humour

- Have access to Discord and a microphone

- Have a Steam Account




- Q Can I join just to play one game?

- A Yes. But we encourage multigaming for the best experience.

- Q I've been to similar clans, so what makes you guys different?

- A Our community is made up of a variety of gamers and operates under our 'CUNTstitution' which is how we can maintain freedom with no one person or mod/admin taking charge of everything. Players are encouraged to connect with one another and kick start their own activities/sessions or join in on those already ongoing outside of our community events.

- Q Do i need to be a skilled gamer to join?

- A No. We are all equally worthless.

- Q Is the LSLN a gender specific community?

- A No. We have both male, female, moongender, and Apache members.


For more info or to join, come check us out at:

[Click me!]