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Libertas Legion: Embrace the Madness of Freedom

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Libertas Legion: Embrace the Madness of Freedom!

Welcome to the Libertas Legion, the ultimate gathering of gaming's most notorious fun-loving misfits. 8 years at the heart of our community and with it is the "Cuntstitution", a beacon of our unfiltered commitment to freedom of speech and all that comes with it. The Libertas Legion isn't just a community; it's an experience. We are the underdogs, the rebels who don't fit the mold of conventional gaming groups as our members play a variety of games, come from all over the planet and enjoy the freedom loving firehouse to chill, chat and game with like minded gamers, no hand holding, no Human Resources to police your terrible jokes and a group that loves to hop on whatever game you got and make it a memorable experience.

So, if you're looking for a place to unleash your inner gaming rebel apply today at



20th Mar 2024 - 7:09pm

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29th Jan 2024 - 9:49am

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23rd Jan 2024 - 8:12am

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