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LFG - Siege/COD - Xbox,/PS4

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Heyo. I'm mainly looking to join a team for Siege as its the main game I play. 

*However I also play a lot of COD and would be up for joining a team for that as well* 

I'm 20, UK based and on most days although I can play on US servers too. 
My main console is Xbox but I do play both COD and Siege on Xbox and PS4

My COD KD is 1.11
I'm level 60, was max rank last season 

Xbox level: 230+ and 30+
PS4 level: 17
I'm usually place high gold/plat
Current Rank(Xbox): Gold 2 (Main) - Plat 3 (Second)
KD: 1.4 & 1.6
W/L: 1.4 & 1.6
And I can play almost any operator 

GT: ltzPsychotic - l is a lowercase L
PSN: Psycho_qF
Discord: ltzPsychotic#8909



26th Jan 2020 - 11:23pm

Kdpro is a new clan we just started and we do mainly cod but you can still join I play from Canada and I play 1 to 3 hr a day I play on the newest cod game here’s a discord link also I’m not 18 but close and if you like we can arrange a 1v1 battle in cod my gamer tag is gamerbrothers87 and yea I’m the owner btw so check my profile.