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Hello all and thanks for taking the time to check out my listing.

I've been in a few clans before over the years and when I'm part of something I like to put my all into it as much as possible so if I do commit to joining a clan I want to make sure they are a good fit for me and equally that I am a good fit for you.

I've tried to balance being concise with informative below. Please feel free to reply or drop me a message if you think we might be a good fit.

***WHO AM I?***

I'm a male in my 30s from the UK. I've been a gamer for years and previously ran a number of video game stores.

Big fan of sci-fi (Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars etc) and comedy shows (Parks and Recreation, The Office (UK and US), The Simpsons etc). I can usually find a quote for any situation.


Lots which aren't listed here but I tend to change what I play pretty often so I'll maybe play one game for a few weeks then rotate to something else. There are a few games that are evergreen and sometimes I just want to play something new.

At this moment specifically I'm playing Call of Duty: Vanguard, FIFA 22, Phasmophobia. I'm going to give BF2042 another try but honestly every design decision they made I'd have probably done the opposite, unpopular opinion I thought BFV was great.

These days I tend to prefer PvE, allows me to have the fun of playing with others but without the super competitiveness of playing against other people.

I'm still into PvP games but I find the toxicity tiring, I don't mind strong language at all but you know the type of people, spend half the game blaming everyone else for their failings or talking trash or having an open mic so everyone can hear their rubbish music, the coming and going of their friends and family or conversations with people that aren't even in the game.

***AM I ANY GOOD?***

I'm alright. In competitive games I'm pretty much always in the top 3rd of the scoreboard. 


Due to work and family commitments I don't get to play as much as I want to. Usually I get to game for a few hours a week.


I'm looking for a nice group where we can find a good balance between playing well and having fun. Ideally a group where we can have a little bit of a chat about things whilst playing, not at the expense of being able to play but hopefully you know what I mean.

A group that supports numerous games (ideally at least a couple that I've listed) and allows for members to still play non-officially supported games together.

Ideally a fairly large group so there are always people to play with and a few choices of game to play.


I don't mind organisation and professionalism in groups but I'm not looking for something where there are lots of hoops to jump through, strict skill requirements or stringent activity demands.



17th Nov 2021 - 12:30am

Hey there! The TOC Gaming Organization is a tight-knit and long-standing community of passionate gamers across various games. We believe that building a genuine connection and having fun with fellow teammates is more important than having the highest kill count. We are a multi-game community that promotes fairness, participation, dedication, and co-operation in the games we play and the members we participate with. We welcome any skill level from novice to expert, any participation level from casual to competitive, and any commitment level from laid-back to enthusiast. Come check us out today & make some new friends!


18th Nov 2021 - 1:03pm

Hello BBOW. Taking a look at your list of supported games there aren't any that you have listed that I currently play so I'm not sure I'd be a good fit for you. I do appreciate you reaching out and if you end up supporting any of the games I play regularly maybe we can have another look?

Glorious Gaming

16th Nov 2021 - 5:39am

I am currently trying to build a guild in the hopes of bringing many different clans and alliances together for all kinds of games.
We have plenty of resources to help content creators and we are still in development, although we do have plenty of resources for Artists and Musicans. 
There are no hoops to jump through, we just hope that you bring others into the community with you. 
So far there are around 100+ people in the server, although most are mobile game players and do not chat much 
Feel free to stop by and introduce yourself!
I am going through multiple profiles and YouTubes and Twitch channels sending out personal invitations. 


18th Nov 2021 - 1:01pm

Thanks for getting in touch. What you've described certainly sounds like an interesting project. If I were younger and had more time getting to help build something like that would be an opportunity I'd jump at but right now I think I'm leaning towards a group that's more established. I do sincerely wish you well on your venture!