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Korsar Recruiting

Listing Information

We are Korsar. We are a Gambit-centered clan focused on being the best at what we do. We are built into sections, one for each activity. (PvP, Gambit, Raids) If interested in joining, DM clan leader DredgenJager or admin RiptideMM for additional info
Joining Requirements

Overall Requirements:
-Dredgen Title

Requirements: Gambit Section
-50 hours spent in Gambit
-Top 15% ELO any of the last 3 seasons
Exceptions Made for:
-30 hours or more with possession of 1 or more Reckoner Emblem
-30 hours or more with an ELO in the top 5% current season or last season

Requirements: Raid Section
-25 total clears of all raids
-Total raid time of more than 4 days

Requirements: PvP Section
-1.10 KD
-1.40 KAD
-Total PvP time of 100 Hours

Exceptions made on a case to case basis.