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24th Mar 2021 - 10:04pm

Hello! We would love to have you join us if you're interested.

Here is the link to our Discord if you have any questions or would like to see what we're all about:

Look forward to hearing from you and we hope you have a fantastic day! 

-Niixyy (Owner of Swerve Uprising)


23rd Feb 2021 - 8:36pm

Looking for family members! Redemption Gaming Live or RGL was created to give lone gamers a home! We have over 600 family members and are looking to add more. 

RGL is sorted into 14 different clans with about 50 members per clan, that way you don't get lost in the masses. Each clan has a main game that all members of that clan play, so it's always easy to find someone to play with! 

We provided a unique rank Structure, 
and use discord to communicate.

RGL has lots of different teams to join, whether your an artist looking to do image work, a streamer looking to get more views or writer that likes to report on new and exciting things in the gaming world we have a spot for YOU! 

If any of this interests you please feel free to add me on discord - confident_undecided#1946