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Welcome to TSA! We're a experienced Fortnite clan/team trying to reach for the top. We have multiple EU and NAE players is champ league and more. If you're looking for a fun community to have some fun, but also want to play competitive and get some good games with clan mates? Then TSA is the place to go! Our variety of helpful staff and nice members are here to help you out! We do have our requirements, remember that anyone can join, if you're not really in competitive Fortnite and just want to have fun with new friends on the server, that's possible aswell!I know we have not enought spots but we will try to make space for you.We have tryouts every month.


Dont Bully your teamate even thought they are defualts

Dont be rude


We have our fan role for the ones just trying to have fun, do note that roles get updated frequently on the server and roles like 'Casual' can be added. Also requirements can change so make sure to check our discord server for the latest info!