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QN (Quit Now) is a competitive playing team. We participate in scrims, tournaments, and go against other clans!


In order to join, you will need to be evaluated by our recruiters. You will first be asked a set of questions. After the questions you will be taken into Playground/Creative for a 1v1. Lastly, after the 1v1 you will be taken into a couple public matches. Your match performance is the most important to us. Here's our percentages; 1v1's are 30% while match performance is %70 of your trial. We are looking for skilled and experienced scrim players.

If interested in joining or want to know more information, please join our discord;

Also, make sure to check out our YouTube channel:




14th Feb 2019 - 6:07pm

Ayoo! New clan just starting, its called 821. We are a fortnite clan trying to make a very supportive community (twitch, youtube etc). If that sounds like something you're interested JOIN ON UP FAM:


19th Jan 2019 - 1:07am

Im interested to join also i have 2 more friends but i also play bo4 so im down to 1v1 and join your clan


Fluffve ツ

18th Jan 2019 - 1:46am

    Hey dude, I see that this clan might be a good fit for me. If you would like to get to know me more go to my bio. But I am looking for a clan to go competitive. My last account was banned falsely and I had 84 wins on it and my new account has skins and around 9 wins with only about 2 1/2 months playing on my new account. I am an experienced PC player that does scrims every day and would like to join your clan. 


My Discord : Fluffve ツ#9501



Fortnite Tracker



Epic Games Name/IGN : fluffve-       (willing to change my name with the clan tag if needed)