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Interested in comp play, extremely new to the comp scene

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I'm looking for a team/clan for compeditive play. Preferred one with a bit of an established foothold already. I'm very new to the comp scene but I have an interest in getting my foot in the door with hopes of growth and looking into the pro scene. Willing to put in as much practice as necessary free any time after 3pm until 3am PDT Monday-Friday (schedule can be altered to include weekends for tournaments or matches with a couple days notice). The two main games I play are Call Of Duty and R6 Siege (more interest in the comp side of CoD because I feel better and more comfortable with it). Must be ok with me being a part of FATE Gaming casually because I love the community. 

You can contact me on Discord: NekoJesus_fg#0191


Thank you for the consideration for any teams that decide to give me the time of day.


l8D Ridgy

16th May 2021 - 8:33pm

Are looking for someone to play warzone with? Then I've got the place for you.

-We have many bots for those days when you just wanna chill and play something simple

-Admin that monitor the chat to make sure no one breaks our rules

- A report channel for people who break the rules while admin are offline

-Many open Voice chats for people to use when playing

-A general chat to talk to our other members and plan to play with people

- We now have a new warzone stats bot. Send your friends party and friend requests thru discord!!