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Im looking for a fortnite team


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Hello, im a average fortnite player looking to join a team that can offer me coaching, a semi pro position, i have roughly 5,500 arena points close to division 8 im willing to listen to coaches and watch vod reviews i am serious about this so please no smaller teams thank you. if you would like to contact me about this > NoTaWeeBΨ#5486 ( discord)



19th Aug 2020 - 1:15am

Hello QLZLX. ALT Clan. would be delighted to offer you a hand in the team. We help others improve as a player by, Enforcing teamwork within each other and giving constructive criticism in each others skill flaws. We also try our best to participate in Fortnite Competitive Tournaments as much as possible. Please Reply back if you are interested or have any questions about the ALT Clan, or its members.


9th Aug 2020 - 10:35pm

Hello FYU gaming would be happy to offer you a spot on our roster of 4 we will do everything we can to help you