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I'm Looking for an active NA-based Warzone clan that's chill.  

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Primarily for LFG purposes as random-queue in-game is hot garbage and the lfg discord (while it is a means to find a group) has its fair share of problems (you still get people who rage-quit, don't communicate, and take out the negative feelings they get from their results or lack thereof on you.)


Other games I play are Apex Legends and LoL (though I play those very infrequently) so if I'm required/incentivized to play other games I don't mind doing so.  


Burnt Water

8th Dec 2020 - 7:47pm

Hey There!
I am a recruiter for an awesome clan called Team Saiyan! In Team Saiyan you can play competitive or casually as a community member! our games range from Call of Duty to Valorant and everything inbetween! Take the link below to join today!


7th Dec 2020 - 1:11pm

If you're looking for a smaller group of gamers then add me on discord veNz#7198


We have a smaller group of about 10 people who play consistently (heavily on the weekend) various FPS games and a few rando titles.