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I'm just looking for a clan NA based that plays Warzone consistently...

Listing Information I can have chill people to play with more consistently because random-queue is to be avoided like the plague and discord while it works isn't always a solution as it has its own fair share of suicide pushers, rage babies, poor communicators, griefers, etc. .  


I'm fine with playing other games but my main game is Warzone. 



Team Saiyan Re…

12th Dec 2020 - 1:55am

Hello there! I’m a recruiter from Team Saiyan. I’m here to ask if you would like to join our team/clan. For more informations, feel free to dm me on Instagram (Team Saiyan Recruiter) or on discord (KDR_Facepalmer#2267). If you would like to join the clan/team immediately click the link!