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I want to be in a clan

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Hello. I am in need of a clan. I have just over 1.5 k/d and want to bring higher by being in a clan. I play on xbox. I don't want a huge clan. only like 10 or 11 people.You have to have discord. I want to be in a really competitive clan who does twitch and yt. I also want to be in a clan that participates in cash cups.



26th Feb 2020 - 3:53am

Hey man you look like you would fit in this clan check us out we are the most lit clan ever and active love creative you found the right clan 


Just Sm1zzy

13th Feb 2020 - 12:23pm

Looking for cracked oce player Clan vial a new clan

Must have
100+ wins
Division 5 + in arena
Nice and not toxic
Any platform
Or if Your gfx or editor u can join
If u just play casual u can
Th me on discord for link
Or if u can help with bots on the server u can join
Vial Just Sm1zzy#3848 

Our clan seems perfect for you I play on xbox aswell