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Hello everyone,

I am a semi-pro fortnite player who has lot of wins and experience. I have been playing from season 2 chapter 1. I play on PS4 and on middle-east servers . I have 1 skin- glow skin. I have played comp before and I have a good game sense.I am not toxic and I am friendly. All together I am fairly good at the game.

I am looking for an org or a team that will recruit me and support me. It would be very nice of they could gift me a skin. I want to join an active team that has a discord server. I would like a team that does not have way too many rules.

If you recruit me I will help the clan grow and participate actively. I will take part in team wars and do my best to win. If anyone is interested to recruit me then please comment the team name and valid discord server invite.

Thank you for taking the time to read my application. I would really appreciate it if you recruit or choose me. 

Peace out



7th Jun 2020 - 2:39am

Would you like to join blaze squad. 
Blaze squad is currently a small clan and we would be happy for you to be in our team. You can be recognised in our team as we were only created recently and have fewer members. Pls reply to this if you are interested. Discord is essential.


31st May 2020 - 6:07pm

Shadow Clan Recruitment Form!





I am the leader of the Shadow clan and we are looking for someone like you to join our up-and-coming clan today.


About us!


We are a small clan of semi-pro leaders looking for semi-pro players and players with potential to mentor. All of our players are between 11 and 15yrs old. We have a team consistently helping to improve our clan. We specialize in many games. Mainly, Fortnite and COD: Modern Warfare and Warzone.


Benefits of joining!


You will be joining a friendly and great team that will support your gaming.



  • Laxedy gaming
  • Fatal Grips
  • Good Game Bracelets
  • Loot Crate
  • Custom Esports
  • Forever Grips.



What we are looking for!


  • Semi-Pro players
  • Good Team Players
  • Consistent members.


What we provide!


  • Free merchandise for new members each month.
  • Friendly and consistent community.
  • Great mentors and Team Leaders.



Please take our clan into serious consideration.


Shadow Clan Leader, Shadow Alfonzo



28th May 2020 - 8:07pm

Hey Vyndrome ,

This is ZyRo Clan. We would be more than happy to recruit you to our clan. 

If you would like to tryout dm us on TikTok @zyrofortnite  or add our epics: hdp3426, Kexz_, tatertots_17, Radical_Gamer205

From ZyRo demSHOPPE

Deputy COO of ZyRo Clan


28th May 2020 - 5:52am

Team Florid!


Hello Vyndrome, I am one of the three founders of a competitive Fortnite clan, known as 'Team Florid', looking for skilled players to join our upcoming clan.

About us!

We are a North America based clan, with very few members, looking for skilled players of all ages. We're constantly recruiting new members, and continuously looking for ways to improve our clan. We're an upcoming clan, however, we have many great plans for the future, that players like you can help us work towards!

Future Plans!

We plan to own a large non-toxic, friendly community with a diversity of players. We're going to have many sponsors and partners, and we'll always support our team's content creators. We're in this together.

What we are looking for?

At Team Florid, we are essentially searching for:

• Skilled Players

• Active Members

• Team Players



Team Florid Leaders

Contact Us:

[email protected]


24th May 2020 - 12:25pm

Hey! We are currently looking for people to join our clan to help us grow! We have unfortunately had many members leave due to inactivity on the server, however that isn't our fault since the staff are always promoting members channels and making sure the members are up-to-date with any new things arriving. We only have rules in-place for keeping everyone safe and non-toxic in the server! Please reply with your discord if your willing to join!


23rd May 2020 - 1:34am

Hey there!


Royal Gaming is recruiting at the moment, and we offer a lot of perks!


We have a Discord server with over 400 members, and with over 30 boosts.


We're also in the process of getting sponsors, and we offer weekly wagers and we also host tournaments!


Come check us out!


To join, you need a tryout, so just message the captain of your region or the Fortnite Manager!

Suacy Boyz Holder

22nd May 2020 - 9:16pm

Hello! Us at Suacy Boyz would love to recruit you and have you join our team! We hire competitive players, creative warriors, streamers, content creators, studios members, and trickshotters! If you think you fit any of those roles then please either join our discord server or you can reply to this comment with your epic and we can figure something out! Best of luck out there!