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I am looking for a fortnite clan

Listing Information

I have

  • 3 k/d (solos)
  • 10 Win %
  •  NAE
  • Active every day (certain times)
  • Experience in tournaments
  • Played Fortnite competetivley for a few months


I want a clan that's
- Competetive Clan
- Already has 10+ members
- Serious

Discord: SouthEast#5901



25th Nov 2019 - 10:31am

Listing information is here. This listing method and all which is related for site everything is just taken and after that i share whole things for different things which were listing here. All the information is here in a detail.

GLCR Unicorn

20th Nov 2019 - 10:47pm


Please check out glacier gaming we have a casual and comp side we could really use you since we are a new clan!