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Halloween Social Event!!!!

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Join Team Cwift for our Halloween social event, The Cwift Chilling!

Details are as follows:

When: 10/31 Meet up at 9pm Eastern Time

Where: Meet in our Discord:

What: Party games: Among Us, Minecraft (Java),, others... Plus, FREE PRIZE GIVEAWAYS! Come see what Cwift is all about!

Who: All are welcome! (13yo+) Invite your friends! The more folks who show up, the better. Please help spread the word!


Team Cwift is a local gaming community based in eastern Pennsylvania (greater Philadelphia area) that caters to both casual gamers as well as developing eSports players. If you are a casual gamer looking for one place to connect with others in a relaxed atmosphere free from toxicity, then you have found your place! Regardless of what game you play, we welcome you to join up and find others in our community to play with. Because games are more fun when you get to know the people you're playing with.

On the competitive side, Team Cwift offers a friendly environment for focused training, skill development, and tournament preparation. We aim to strike a balance between structured training and flexibility in schedule, with the goal of ending the day a better competitor than when you started it. We are open to expanding our competitive game focus areas as we recruit additional members.