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Friendly Gamer Looking for Group to Enjoy Destiny 2 With


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I am returning to Destiny 2 after taking a break a couple months after release. 

Gamer Tag: RedRaider#1868

Currently playing Warlock LL 510, just picked up the expansion last week. Looking for a group to mainly PvP with (Gambit/Crucible), but also knock out some Strikes/Nightfalls. 

I am 32 and soon to be father to 2, so the majority of my time is between 8pm-12pm EST. 

Have mic and enjoy laughing and joking around with fellow gamers online.



16th Oct 2018 - 5:16pm

The Knights of the Tenth Star is a relatively new clan, and are currently looking to expand. We cater to all playstyles; Be it PvP Competitive or Casual - PvE Nightfalls, Raids, and Strikes - Or just to enjoy the company of like-minded Guardians. Many of our members are around your age, and some of us have kids (to include myself). Family ALWAYS comes first, and we understand when you have to step away to be a Father.

We have a Chain of Command, and an organized ranking structure. Normally a new applicant will need to be at an Initiate (ITE) level before being placed into a company, but since we have been expanding, we are waiving the ITE requirements for first few members in a new company.

We are an 18+ clan (but we do allow family members under 18) If this sounds like your thing, please check out our [website]( and our [Discord]( or feel free to send me a PM! We look forward to all our new members!