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5th Apr 2019 - 6:06am

Hey! I'm part of an esports organization that is looking for more Fortnite players on both the casual and comp side! Add me on discord, would love to talk more about it! Selcouth#3431


29th Mar 2019 - 6:38pm

Dear Blassen,

You have been invited to DeM! (DeMolish) This is a Huge opportunity for you! In DeM, we don't judge by skill, we judge by your reputation.

Before you consider joining DeM, here are a few ground rules:

* We should not argue.
* Do not discriminate or try to be racist.
* Don't be Toxic. We are calm players. (Toxic as in rude)
* We are a nice community.
* Do not be Homophobic.
* Do not accuse genders.
* Do not be bias towards people.
* Do not hint or make jokes about suicide.

If you consider joining DeM, please contact (below) or reply to this message

[email protected]

Yours truly, 

Micheal Finch

-The leader of DeM.