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Fortnite Player named Stygian


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Hello, I would like to join a clan that is up and coming but has good players in the clan. I would consider myself an ok builder and would love to join. I have 51 wins at the time of writing this and I love playing duos, so if there are any clans out there that would like to recruit me my discord is Stygian#2083




27th Jun 2018 - 9:03pm

hey I do have an up and coming clan called strafe, iam looking for to join duo and squad tournaments if you can we would like to have you on strafe


24th Jun 2018 - 4:41pm

The Art of Warfare (TAW), a gaming community of around 2800 members that support 40 different games and have been a gaming community since 2001.

TAW recruits mature players who seek a friendly environment to hone their skills, play in or cast tournaments, coach other players, play team games, or just have a lot of fun with games.

Our core principles are: Respect, Communication, and Collaboration.

We offer one of the world’s largest TeamSpeak 3 servers filled with active players daily, special in-house events, high level training, skilled practice partners, a full website and forum, your own email, in-game clan tag, and much more.

To learn more or sign-up, visit

If you have any questions feel free to send them to [email protected] and I will answer them myself or redirect you to the leader in charge of the game you are interested in.


23rd Jun 2018 - 6:41pm

Hi, i'm the clan leader of the clan [DG] aka Dark Gaming.

I would really like you to make our clan more noticeable so we can expand the clan. 

If you would like to join the rules are.....


1. You have to be good at the game

2. You will be tested for a few games and we will see if you are capable to join the clan.

3. You can't be toxic or mean to other members or you will be kicked.

4 If you break a rule you will have a warning then you will be banned from the clan

MySt Clan

22nd Jun 2018 - 7:31am


Recently our clan is doing a summer recruitment challenge for fortnite players as well as COD players, editors, designers, and content creators. If you are interested in participating in this years recruitment challenge watch our "MySt Clan Recruitment Challenge | 2018" video for more information. 

Recruitment Challenge video:



Google +:



22nd Jun 2018 - 5:36am

i would love for you to join my clan u would be the first to join and i would love to see how you play