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Fortnite [OCE] Recruiting

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[SSC] SoberStoner Community is currently forming a new team for Fortnite in the OCE Region. Playing on PS4.

We have plans to play in Cups and LAN tournaments. Coaching and more will be provided. If you are interested, it would be easier to reach out on Discord:



5th Jul 2020 - 10:50am

IJmuiden is een havenstad in de gemeente Velsen, in de Nederlandse provincie Noord-Holland. Het Noordzeekanaal is daar via de sluizen met de Noordzee verbonden. In de havenmond ligt het Forteiland, onderdeel van de Stelling van Amsterdam. Bel nu internetmarketing bureau IJmuiden - Latitude: 52.58822810 / Longitude: 4.55330830. IJmuiden gemeente Velsen