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Fortnite oce clan



13th Apr 2020 - 11:23am

Hey there, i'm co-owner of @HQVoltage. We are currently recruiting, and we have teams in Apex, CoD and Fortnite. We have both content and competitive teams. We have players in NA, EU and OCE and on all consoles. If you'd like you can message me on twitter, @talvo2007. :) 


15th Dec 2019 - 2:25pm

Hi my name is Sk1llz or Pikaboo,

I am wondering if you would like to join our Team/Clan called Razor. We are a casual and competitive clan. Half of us are in champion league in arena. If you are a competitive player that likes playing arena and scrims this is a great clan for you. We are accepting all NA fortnite players. Hope you make the right decision. For more info search Team Razor on this website.

What's inside: Roles

Average Players,

LFC Upvoter,

Comp academey,

Trickshot Team,

Creative Warrior,

Competitive Team,

Elite Team and much more!


3rd Dec 2019 - 6:20pm

Hi, if you're looking for an active competitive clan that can help you improve in building, edits, game sense, and end game, you'll want to join Genesis! We are a new, chill clan, if you really want to improve quickly I me and some higher ups can join you in creative and help you grind :) Here is the discord:


2nd Dec 2019 - 9:43pm


I'm the head of a gaming agency that is currently starting to formulate, draft players and team captains. We would be interested in interviewing you for the position on a team. If you would like more details, my discord is RedAceKnight#3434. I could show you a list of possible games, and then give you the details of what it means to be a team captain. Here's a quick preview:

AØC's Gaming Division is starting the formation process, and we're an agency that has competitive teams in a variety of games. The gaming division also has;



-Team Captains

-Extra Gamers (Gamers that are not currently on a team)

-Gamers (Players on a team).

We also help launch individual gamers, as well as each individual team. Gaming teams are super competitive, with the goal of becoming the best. There are team meetings, stats, strategies, team practices each game has a team with a: Team Captain, players, manager. The manager sets up meetings and schedules, helps the gamers with anything they need; Ex: Hw, personal stuff, etc. The team captains hand pick the gamers for their team from a plethora of profiles,helping create an elite team from the start of the process.

Join our server for more info: