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Fortnite Mobile Clan


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looking for a mobile/switch clan i have over 100 wins and use to play cash cup. i need a clan to help me achieve my goals and help me build a fanbase. 

i have not been in a clan before and i want to finally join one so i can build good friendships and destroy over competition.

i can be very competitive when i want to be and i will make sure i can destroy are opponents.

i have a 2.2 kd all around 

7% Wins Rate

4,000 kills in 1000 matches

i have a 6.42 kd this season 



13th Apr 2020 - 11:25am

Hey there, i'm co-owner of @HQVoltage. We are currently recruiting, and we have teams in Apex, CoD and Fortnite. We have both content and competitive teams. We have players in NA, EU and OCE and on all consoles, including a mobile Fortnite player. Age requirement is 16. If you meet the age requirement, can message me on twitter, @talvo2007. :)


23rd Nov 2019 - 6:31pm

Hey There! If you can, check us out!

We are currently recruiting skilled and competitive players for our clan. We are looking to expand and become a competitive gaming clan! Check out our website and socials for more info!! Fill out a tryout form if you want to tryout!