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Fortnite Mobile Clan


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looking for a mobile/switch clan i have over 100 wins and use to play cash cup. i need a clan to help me achieve my goals and help me build a fanbase. 

i have not been in a clan before and i want to finally join one so i can build good friendships and destroy over competition.

i can be very competitive when i want to be and i will make sure i can destroy are opponents.

i have a 2.2 kd all around 

7% Wins Rate

4,000 kills in 1000 matches

i have a 6.42 kd this season 



23rd Nov 2019 - 6:31pm

Hey There! If you can, check us out!

We are currently recruiting skilled and competitive players for our clan. We are looking to expand and become a competitive gaming clan! Check out our website and socials for more info!! Fill out a tryout form if you want to tryout!