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Female D2 player looking for the best yet! Ranked clan

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Been in and out of can because no one can play with a female gamer!

Which is shocking!

I'm now looking for a Destiny 2 clan that works on ranks, is established and something i can work my way up in!


A clan with structure, can have fun and have a goal as one thing, be the best!

I have had to run D2 basically all on my own so still having to learn some things!


So a clan that has patients and is willing to take others to the top then hit me !



15th Jul 2018 - 6:02am

Raiders Of The Lost Vau1t is an adult only clan that is very active (on PS4) in PVE & PVP endgame. We have recently purged our roster of dead weight & are currently recruiting for 1.2.3 and Forsaken. The basic criteria are be an adult, play on PS4, and enjoy playing with assholes, talking trash, immature (and sometime inappropriate) jokes, and general grab ass. At least 70% are potheads and/or drinkers, and working people. Some with families. Must be respectful of members time. Zero tolerance for any hate, but only serious hate. Vulgar naming calling during playful trash talking will happen. Must have thick skin. It's a series group of never too series people. We enjoy talking trash and busting balls, but want to get the job done. 
Looking for players that enjoy the harder end game content. Prestige, trials, IB, etc. Hit up Kildozer666 on PSN or Bnet if you're interested.


3rd May 2018 - 4:20am

Hey! Im ladydekade and just started my own clan in prep for rankings! We're all about becoming better and fostering skills. Would love to play with you some time and maybe get you in on the KURΞ

Feel to add me on psn L4DYD3K4DE or on check out my instagram if you wanna suss out our plays @ladydekade


12th Mar 2018 - 7:13pm

I am currently the only female who isn’t active in my clan 🙈 we are called The Boomduck Saints UK, a great bunch of people (the put up with me ) 😂 all u need is a mic and a good sense of humour 😊


6th Mar 2018 - 2:49pm

TTD - The Terminus Dominion 
We are a community for all gamers. We have divisions for the following games
Halo, Destiny, Elder Scrolls, Battlefield, elite dangerous, gears of war 4, Monster Hunter World, PC, and PlayStation 4 we also have a​

Recreational Divison those games are​
Ark, Minecraft, Fortnite, GTA 5, Injustice 2, overwatch, and PUBG, 

You can be part of the community and just relax and have fun or you can be part of the Clan
The clan is mainly our halo division. If you want to rank up and have responsibility and lead your own squad then the clan is the place for you.

Across all divisions, we have 1,100 members However we have fewer members in the clan, but that can be easily changed with new recruits like you :)

Clan Leader - Lord Megatron 7

you can contact me Rainbowsrfun on Xbox by sending me a friend request and a pm
We are mainly an 18+ group but we make exceptions for 16+ members if they are mature.

If you would like to know more or play with us before you make your decision then please by all means do. Every night I host custom games on Halo 5 and we just have fun and enjoy each others company. We are not a clan that does training and forces you to be on. We just want you all to relax, have fun and make long-lasting friendships. I hope to see you online soon :) 

otherwise, you can join the discord here >> << Ask for the member role and tell them you were recruited by Rainbows ​


21st Jan 2018 - 4:07pm

Large friendly active Ps4 uk based clan With a good following from the states. Covering all areas of the game. We're looking for chilled friendly players that will be active, any skill level accepted from pvp masters to raid noobs and visa versa, We only have two requirements 1. Be as active as possible 2. We use an app called Band to comunicate and downloading it is a must we use it to plan events and to just chat in general If this sounds like the place for you then come join us at


20th Jan 2018 - 2:14pm

If you would like to join a smaller clan (with 20+ members and 12 really active and very social members) you are welcome to join 'Super Awesome League Team'. We raid weekly, strike daily and have fun all the time! If you want to join just send me a message! Cheers :)