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Female D2 player looking for the best yet! Ranked clan

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Been in and out of can because no one can play with a female gamer!

Which is shocking!

I'm now looking for a Destiny 2 clan that works on ranks, is established and something i can work my way up in!


A clan with structure, can have fun and have a goal as one thing, be the best!

I have had to run D2 basically all on my own so still having to learn some things!


So a clan that has patients and is willing to take others to the top then hit me !



If you would like to join a smaller clan (with 20+ members and 12 really active and very social members) you are welcome to join 'Super Awesome League Team'. We raid weekly, strike daily and have fun all the time! If you want to join just send me a message! Cheers :)


Large friendly active Ps4 uk based clan With a good following from the states. Covering all areas of the game. We're looking for chilled friendly players that will be active, any skill level accepted from pvp masters to raid noobs and visa versa, We only have two requirements 1. Be as active as possible 2. We use an app called Band to comunicate and downloading it is a must we use it to plan events and to just chat in general If this sounds like the place for you then come join us at