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Fast growing gaming clan looking for more COD members! 4800+ members total!

Listing Information

 [20r] Casual, fun, and Comp! Come check out our COD Clan! 

(Also need members for our 14 game divisions!) 



Clan Name: [20r] 

Server: NA/EU

Type: Casual. fun, and competitive.

Contacts: TheFather#6284


Description: 20r Has been a multi gaming community since 2014 . We are looking to fill up our MW outfit as much as possible and get new members in the community. If you are looking for an organized outfit with regular events, with possibility to hang out with new people and play different games with them as well. We have active outfits for casual and Comp.

Things we provide for you:

-Competitive and Casual gaming

-Friendly and understanding environment

-Structured staff team whose priority it is to ensure your enjoyment within 20r.

-Chain of command, ranks, awards and leadership roles.

-Discord server full of interaction

-Guaranteed weekly events

- Meet and discover new people and new games.