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Exiled Gaming Empire is looking to grow!

Listing Information

Exiled Gaming Empire is a clan that was founded in Mid-March of 2020. A clan that is there to connect gamer's, make friendships more possible, and allow more gaming possibilities that weren't possible with a normal group of friend, and to help people with leadership, Lastly EGE is built by gamer's for gamer's. The clan is filled with those mature people of ages 15+ EGE is for gamer's by gamer's! Once you join our discord please fill out an application its super fast!

Link to the Discord :



Team Titanium

4th Apr 2020 - 7:04am

We are looking for people like you! We would like to put Titanium in front of your name! We are a positivity based family! We would love to have you! If interested make sure to dm us on Instagram @titanium.uprise