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EU Xbox Fortnite Player

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Fortnite Overall Stats:
89 Total Wins
3.5% Win Ratio
3,358 Kills - 2,513 Matches
KD = 1.39

Season 9 Stats:
7 Wins
7% Win Ratio
205 Kills - 95 Matches
KD = 2.33

I play regularly and I'm in division 6 in the arena! EU Xbox Player



19th Jun 2019 - 8:11pm

Hey there!

I'd love to see you represent GGXR! We are a relatively new clan with only 3 members so far, we are based around player improvement so stats don't matter! It's fun before stats!

You can join our discord and chat here:

You can check out our roster or fill out the application at the bottom:
Alex (J4c3_h YT ingame)

Team Savage FN

2nd Jun 2019 - 6:35pm

Hey there, leader of Team Savage here and we are interested in you! We are a very small clan who play for fun but are looking to grow bigger in the future! If interested then reach out to our Discord, Instagram, or Twitter!

Thank you and we hope to hear back from you!


Instagram: @svgefortnite

Twitter: @TeamSavageFN


28th May 2019 - 2:07pm

Hi this is XWolf the leader of the (FGC) I would like to have you with my clan let me know something if you want you can contact me via this email address: [email protected]
Then you are the first to join the clan. It's already an honor when you joined


28th May 2019 - 12:03pm

Hello, This is Paradox, We are an Esports team mainly focusing on fortnite players and we are developing and hiring players for the first time. We've seen your stats and skill and the Paradox community decided to ask if you would like to join Paradox, Our email is [email protected] and we'd love to hear back from you If you're interested our discord is

Sincerely, Paradox. "A small yet growing gaming community"