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Currently Plat 3 Looking for a good team


Listing Information

I'm 21

Good Aim

Good Coms

Always looking to improve!

Solo qued all the way to plat 3 and I know I could go higher with a solid team

10 years of comp experience 

2k hours csgo



24th May 2020 - 12:24pm


Hey Stomps! We are currently looking for people to join our clan to help us grow! We have unfortunately had many members leave due to inactivity on the server, however that isn't our fault since the staff are always promoting members channels and making sure the members are up-to-date with any new things arriving. Please reply with your discord if your willing to join!


22nd May 2020 - 11:26am

AceClan.ORG was founded as a Multi-Gaming military stylised clan in March 2019 on the basis that everyone deserves a welcome and friendly atmosphere when they play games.

There are virtually no prerequisites to joining AceClan so long as you are aged 13 or over and willing to get involved, we are an English speaking clan.

We play Valorant! Check out our: