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A Bit Of Vodka

25th Feb 2020 - 11:49pm

We Are A Gaming Community dedicated to giving gamers a place to feel safe and respected and not to feel like an outcast. Rise of Kings was created to bring in gamers who feel other communites were power hungry and that they weren't feeling safe around anyone within them.

We have 3 divisions.

Alpha Division - Dedicated towards PlayStation Gamers

Bravo Division - Dedicated towards Xbox Gamers

Charlie Division - Dedicated towards PC Gamers

Without these divisions we wont be able to run properly and these separate gamers into their Primary Platform. There are many opportunities in RoK to prove yourself worthy and chances to get promoted by bringing members in and being active during games, tournaments and in the server.

There will be plans to have IRL Meetups and Events around the globe to help bring people in and feel more comfortable along with having an eSports Team for real life tournaments and those that are more at a competitive level.


Thanks and Hope to See You Soon, RoK Leadership!