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23rd Jul 2020 - 2:49pm


If you're tired of playing alone and listening to all of the dirt talk you hear in-game, getting yelled at by minors, and other unpleasant things that come with playing with a group of strangers, and if you just wanna find a solid good healthy team to play with then check out what we have below.

We are SOF: a unique online competitive realism unit.

We do things differently here.

We hold that: 
* The opinions and ideas of our members Shape the experience in the unit. 

*The leader of our group is not some guy that you never meet (he is on every day.) 
*Our way of life is more of a family than most clans or communities.

*We offer a wide variety of media work, gameplay duties, and other goals to always move forward and grow as a community!

*We have a well structured and organized system to make sure every single member has a say.

*We have been an established since 2013 and even carry our own merchandise!

We are recruiting today, check out our discord:

The games we play:


•COD Warzone PC-PS4-XBOX



•Ghost Recon Breakpoint PC-Xbox

•Apex Legends PC-XBOX-PS4

•Star wars Battlefront 2 EA PC


•Battlefield 5

•Destiny 2


- Any of the Call of Duty Franchise - 


And more to come as interest grows!

If you think SOF is as perfect a fit for you as so many of our other members, check out our discord today!