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Chill-Relaxed-Milsim / Semi-Serious

Listing Information

Group: Weapons Free

Branch: Chill-Relaxed-Milsim / Semi-Serious

Main Language: English

Timezone: EST/EDT

Operation Times: 24/7 with some focus on weekends

Operation Types: KP Liberation & Antistasi - assaults, recon, hostage capture & extraction, logistics runs, side missions…etc.

Required Mods: ACE, ACRE2, Advanced Towing, Enhanced Movement, CBA, plus a few gear packs (<10GB)

Other essential info: We are a laid back, casual group focused on: playing the game, having fun, and helping/supporting others. We have no formal ranking system, no mandatory attendance, and no set ops schedule. That being said, we do play seriously with focus on planning & achieving objectives using semi-serious gameplay, and keeping things interesting. In the end it's about creating a fun environment where you can learn, improve skills, have a good time, and get to know your squad mates. We welcome all skill levels from experienced mil-simmers with thousands of hours logged to new folks who just downloaded and installed the game. We welcome any age as long as you can conduct yourself with the maturity of an 18+ adult in your communications, behaviors, and gameplay. We welcome all geographic regions, and run our servers 24/7 with flexibility to hop on whenever.

Discord invite: