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Casual UK Destiny 2 clan needed



4th Nov 2018 - 8:00pm

Welcome to Misfit, we are a highly active EU + US clan that participates in all Forsaken/past content activities.

If you're looking for clanmates that know every Raid, how to be effective in PvP and know how to bank motes in Gambit. But most of all know how to have a good time whilst doing it, then we are the clan for you!

We do have some access requirements which you will see below, but as long as you can meet at least 2/4 of those we can see about getting you in. Did I mention as a special treat to our members, we also run Giveaway competitions? These giveaways include the Annual pass/other DLC expansions and various gift vouchers for Psn, Amazon etc.

Access requirements to clan include

  • The use of discord to communicate with fellow clan members.
  • You must own all up to date DLC.
  • A few completions of past/current content Raids. (This lets us know you can help others learn)
  • Alternatively if you are PvP oriented player then you will be accepted if you have a kda of 1.5 or above.

Founder and high ranking admins have 200+ raid completions and are willing to teach.

Feel free to message me (TheStorySoLee) on PSN so we can see about getting you into the clan!

You can check my stats below so you know you'll be joining a competent clan :)


23rd Sep 2018 - 12:14pm

Hello, I am a current admin for the Loony faction clan. We are a new clan with a few members and looking to expand. Our clan consists of adults who lead work, and have families. Most of us are still on daily. If you are interested in being a part of our new crew please consider checking out our page on this site. Loony Faction.






21st Sep 2018 - 3:34pm

Hi there! 

Salvation of Puppies is a casual clan. We're US Based (New York City) so I think the time difference is about 5 hours.  You're certainly welcome to join us though!  We're mainly actors and artists with day jobs. Nice ppl, won't give you a hard time if you dont' play for a weeks at a time. Just want to have fun, do raids and strikes etc! 


I'm Jehudee on PSN