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I play on Xbox one and i've been playing since season 1 however i'm not too good at it and i'm looking to improve as much as i can.



2nd Jul 2020 - 6:51am

hi, user478

we are a rookie ME servers clan looking for semi-pros and pros to make us better and help them out too in the process

we look forward to having you in our clan

discord link:


2nd Jul 2020 - 4:40am

we are organizing a team, it is a project that we have wanted to do for some time, there will be an audition, we have both a discord and an Instagram page and every time someone enters this will be announced on insta, we will be maximum 10 and compete at the highest levels


30th Jun 2020 - 10:53am

Hey there 

we would like you to join our new clan that we have just set up. Yes we may be small but we can all improve and help each other and learn new skills. So if you would like to join then you are welcome. 


Have a good day x


30th Jun 2020 - 10:20am


We are recruiting for unknown, We are a relatively kind and accepting of all ages, we are not toxic and we have some amazing players who can help you rank up. You can join our discord server here 

We have little members but we make up for that in skill.

We have no requirements for joining except that you promise to follow the rules on the discord. Have a good day and we hope you consider joining our clan




29th Jun 2020 - 8:44pm

I've been playing a bit of arena and i've managed to reach contender, so i'm looking for a clan who can help me reach champion if possible :) looking for a friendly clan who are fairly casual