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🩸Bloodletter🩸 - PC/EU/ENG - Marauders


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A fresh and active community made for New World players who decide to join the Marauder faction.

πŸ”ΊLooking for sensible moderators, co-leaders and members.

PVP and PVE players stand united in this company.

Whether you get satisfaction from stomping other players in PVP combat or whether you want to grind some dungeons for hours at an end, THIS Company is for you!

Since this is a completely fresh community we are starting from scratch, I have made a discord server which will be expanded further along the way to meet everyone's needs, currently have 5

active company members with the intent to grow as much as possible.

Everyone will be heard and all new ideas are more than welcome.


  1. πŸ”΄ Speak English
  2. πŸ”΄ Be a sensible human being
  3. πŸ”΄ Preferably have no anger issues
  4. πŸ”΄ Choosing the Marauder Faction upon NW release
  5. πŸ”΄ Server: Not yet decided - but more than likely an ENG server


  1. πŸ”΄ Expanding - Since this is a brand new community/guild/company one of our main goals should be growing our community as much as possible going forward. That means recruiting new members and taking good care of existing ones.
  2. πŸ”΄ Community events - Fun group events for after launch, when the dust has settled and everyone has had time to level up.
  3. πŸ”΄ Exciting community challenges - Engaging challenges with prizes, e.g - Housing/decorating competitions, duels, outfit challenges, etc.
  4. πŸ”΄ Long lasting friendships - MMORPG's are known for their ability to bring people together and create long lasting friendships even outside of the game world.


Discord: Click here toΒ JOIN TODAY!