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Black Forest Renegade is Recruiting! All are welcomed


Listing Information

Black Forest Renegade is a very laid back, helpful and friendly clan. Here at Black Forest Renegade, you can find guardians for all activity's! Ranging from questline's to raid's! We are here to help one another a long this great adventure and to learn a long the way. All guardians across the solar system are welcome to join! We are very small currently, but have ambition to grow! 


We only require you to join our discord. We don’t have any strict policies for you to get in the clan. We just need you to join our discord server, since that’s the way we communicate and where we post our events and stay in touch.

We do not have an inactive kick system right now, this is TBD.

What we are focusing on

We are wanting to get to the highest rank for the clan each season and we will be doing the clan challenges every week. While doing this, helping one another and help each other learn. We are wanting to create a great community where everyone feels welcomed. 

So, what do you say Guardian, want to join us on this great adventure?

Clan Home Page:

Clan Discord: