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Beginner Montage Editor



14th Jan 2021 - 7:01am

Hey man i am leader of New Era we are a very new community we have 7 members but plan on having 11 members soon but we are very active! Sure now you wanted a big community but i mean big communities start somewhere right? So why not be apart of a growing community and maybe if we get big enough you can say your a OG from the clan! We have a clan youtube channel its called NEW ERA CLAN and we have a combine total of 131 views on 2 videos 1 having 60 and the other having 71 and we have 16 subs Your also the perfect fit for us! We love boxfights and zone wars from time to time! We wanna start competing for wagers but we really need the payers someone like you we can call a veteran to help lead our younger guys in the right path we also have a semi professional editor most likely joining our clan to help make and edit our montages and videos! we love you as a player and would love you to join us our discord link is if your interested and our youtube is and our lookingforclan website link is


31st Dec 2020 - 12:51pm

Hi this is clan leader from PSGUK we have only started with the clan we only have 3 members and we want u to join us so email me on [email protected] or add my discord at psguk_Midget_ #2620 hope to hear from you soon.

FX Raze

1st Dec 2020 - 4:46pm

Hi! I am the Owner of Elite Gaming. We have 140 something member and in need of more editors. Right now our goal is to grow our LFC account and our YouTube account. I'll add you on discord and we can talk about it.


30th Nov 2020 - 11:02pm

I am the leader of the clan TGC and I could youse a montage editor so I think you would be perfect