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Apex Legends Player Looking for Clan


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I am currently on the search for an Apex Legends clan that takes the game seriously and plays on a regular basis. Currently, I’m level 55 with 500+ kills on wraith and 100+ kills on both Lifeline and Bangalore. I play everyday, and I would always be ready for clan events, tournaments, etc. I also feel that a clan would give me much more motivation to play, because it would be much easier for me to find people to play with and have more fun doing it. I currently could be higher than level 55, but the friends I play with at the moment are not on enough, and playing with randoms gets really old.

I have experience in FPS’s like COD, Halo, and battle royale experience in fortnite. Looking for a clan that would help me bring out my true potential I feel I have and I can become a top tier player along my teammates! 

if interested in recruiting me , you could message here, but I will reply much faster if you message me on:

xbox gt: bigbandzkam 

twitter: kamgoeshamm




16th Mar 2019 - 10:10pm

Hey I’m a part of a clan called ZeN ( theres our discord link) and we’re trying to start up an apex team for xbox!

My Xbox Gamertag is J3WC3 

Currently a Bloodhound Main lvl 85 with 1000 kills (for bloodhound only, not total) and around a 3 KD with 75+ wins

send me a message on Xbox or Discord if interested!


16th Mar 2019 - 10:07am

Hey I think our gaming community clan XCON GAMING would be a good fit for you. You have to be 18 and above to join our gaming community clan. We have Apex Legends team. If you want check out website We are on Xbox. If have any question send me on Xbox my gamertag is ToxicBeastXXX or send me message on Twitter @XCONGaming2