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about me and umnite clan


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Well, basically I have been playing any kind of games for 15 years around and so far I like the most fps games and 5v5 ones(like Overwatch/Paladins).

I created umnite clan on 9th October 2014 in a browser fps game called Rush Team. I managed to make our clan 1st ranked in members for only about 1 year. Later on our clan improved and we managed to win all of the clan wars we played and basically became 1st rank in skills as well. After accomplishing both things and after some argument with the rest of this game's community, we decided to move on to another game and find new members along that. After 3 months of searching, we haven't found such game yet, but we are still searching and hoping for the best.

Basically my hobbies are playing games and watching animes and usually I am doing that together with our clan members. For me the most important quality is loyalty and therefore everyone in our clan values that. The rest comes by itself. Of course we have the basic rules(respecting all members, not spamming in server and so on). Our way for communication is discord- we have 2 seperate servers so far- one main and one only for the mobile game Brawl Stars. We don't care about the person's region, we have people from everywhere. And that's about it, feel free to contact me in discord or here.



20th Oct 2023 - 5:21pm

I would be down to join. My comp name is Impact and I am grinding scrims tourneys and ranked. I play fortnite and also valorant.Im 14 and hoping to join this team,