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Abberantics Fortnite Tryouts

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Hey there, this is Joko from Abberantics Esports, or AE. We're currently in search for recruits to establish a competitive roster for our Fortnite division. We are planning on hosting open tryouts on Monday, October 5th, at 9PM EST for NAE players. As we continue to grow, more regions will be implemented onto competitive teams. As a couple of guidelines:
-Any platform is able to participate (although unlikely that a switch or mobile player will make the cut unless absolutely god tier)
-Must be able to use discord while gaming and have a working mic
-preferably in Champions, but contenders 2-3 (divisions 6 or 7) is also considerable

If you're interested, feel free to join our discord and stay tuned! We also play several other games and have hundreds of members so everyone is welcome to join the community.