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66th Imperial Clone Battalion


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Group: 66th Imperial Clone Battalion

Branch: Semi-Milsim

Main Language: German Timezone: CET Operation Times: Wednesday – 7:00 pm CET / Saturday – 7:30 pm CET

Operation Type: Editor made strategically PVE Missions packed in Campaigns

Required Mods: ACE, TFAR, JLTS, Legion Base, 3AS, Kobra Mod, WebKnight Droids, Lambs, ZEUS ENHANCED, CTAB some other mods (55 total)

About: The 66th Imperial Clone Battalion is a team oriented and tactical ARMA 3 star sim clan. The team consists of experienced players. The clan leader has 4 years of experience in leadership roles in Arma 3 clans. We have a diverse range from simple clone troopers to pilots. Technical, organizational and advertising tasks are also represented if anyone is interested. We want to give players an immersive feeling in the missions. The 66th Imperial Clone Battalion is a battalion of the 1st Legion and offers an authentic combat simulation with the help of various modifications. From equipment, clothing, ranks, general basic training and further training opportunities to specialist knowledge of specific industries, everything is offered.