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3rd Gaming PUBG clan looking for players


Listing Information

We are a PUBG clan looking for new members. We are currently looking to grow and expand our numbers

Main requirements are
1. Be over 18
2. Have a mic and Discord
3. Be activley weekly in PUBG and Discord.
4. Be EU or NA (or speak english and play in those servers/timezones)
(full requirments can be found on our website)

What we offer
1. Monthly steam card give away for "player of the month"
2. Place to show off your Chicken Dinners
3. A team play based enviroment
4. An active player group, where everyone knows one another. Our activity requirments and screening procress ensures a solid group of active players.
5. 3rd Gaming member patch issued to all new members after 6 months of active service.
6. Youtube Gaming, Twitch, Facebook, Forums, ect for those who are interested.
7. You do not need to sign up or register for anything! But an application and trial period is required.
8. Team play and activity level comes first, not skill!
9. Skill based PUBG tournement team for those who are interested (optional, limited space, based on season availability)

More information:

What we are: We are a Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds adult gaming clan and community. 3rd has been an active gaming organization since 2004. We also have a history competing in TWL and CAL leagues , along with public gaming events until about 2 years ago. We are now making a comeback as of October 2017 with a handful of core members. More recently we have moved to PUBG exclusively for the moment. We are recruiting for members in EU and NA timezones and currently have members in both regions. PUBG has brought new generation and reincarnation of 3rd gaming. 3rd is a great place for coop play in squads and meeting new friends in PUBG. We promote team-play, a PUBG player community, and having fun. It is our hope that new friendships will be forged in a group where we all know one another.

What we are not: We are not a public discord channel looking for strangers or thousands of members. We are looking for a solid double digit group of active PUBG players. A community where we all know each other some. We are not a professional esports team, but we do offer an amateur league team. We are not a skill based clan, players of all levels are welcome (only internal league team is skill based) Yet, self improvement is encouraged and desired. We are not a multi-gaming clan (although it is a possibility in the future). We will not tolerate players talking down to others. This includes criticizing a player’s skills or abilities, or barking orders in game. Team play and community building comes first. HAVE FUN!