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2nd Airborne Company

Listing Information

Group: 2nd Airborne Company
Realism: Serious with a semi serious take with training
Language: English
Time-zone: EST
Op Times:
Friday: 1800hrs EST | Training Day
Saturday: 1800hrs EST | Operation Day
Sunday: 1700hrs EST | Operation Day
Op Type: Air Assault, Direct Action, Reconnaissance
Required Mods: ace, TFAR, CBA_A3 and more (30Mods)
Required DLC: None

Other Info:
We are a very new group who enjoy the Star Wars aspect of ArmA 3 MilSim. Our aim is to provide an authentic as possible campaign style set of Zeus ran missions. We have chosen the Clone Wars era as that is where our knowledge is strongest. We try to create missions that you have seen within The Clone Wars TV show but also our own missions with our own ideas. We understand that this is a game and not everyone enjoys the serious aspect of it. We, of course, encourage seriousness when running our operations but in between there is we also encourage a little bullshittery.

How to join:

  1. Join our discord and check you meet our prerequisites
  2. Click the "Join the 2nd Airborne" Button above and complete the application
  3. Join an interview room with a recruiter for a quick interview
  4. Download the mods that are in the ⁠official-mod-pack
  5. Complete the initial training prior to attending unit operations

Roles We Offer

  • Trooper
  • Anti-Tank Specialist
  • Marksman
  • RTO
  • Medic
  • Support
  • Grenadier
  • Pilot - Requires further training
  • Crewman - Requires further training
  • ARF - Require further training
  • ARC - Hand selected

You have the ability to train in all of the MOS's above but may only run one MOS kit during operations. (Pilots & Crewman are dedicated roles and require you to be billeted to that unit for use)


If you want to enquire any further, join the discord and speak to one of our members