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The 21st AF is looking for Recruits!


Listing Information

Looking for a semi-MilSim Crew to join and battle the streets of Los Santos? Tired of never having reliable teammates to assist you on a Heist, Mission, or activity? Are you tired of having to duke it out and fend for yourself against modders or trolls and not having support to back you up? Do you prefer gaming with individuals who can communicate and execute a tactical plan? - The 21st Armed Forces Crew welcomes you home!

Who are we?

We are a community of international PC gamers who engage in Military-Style game play on Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V platform. The purpose of this crew is to provide a space where like-minded gamers can come together to get organized and have fun battling it up the streets of Los Santos! Our Crew is structured into several military divisions, and we have a ranking system that keeps this community organized and functional.

What do we offer?

As a team, we all work together to promote teamwork and maximize profits in:

  • CEO/MC/VIP/Bunker/Facility Jobs & Missions

  • Standard and Doomsday Heist

  • Double RP and $$ Jobs & Missions

  • Crew Vs Crew Matches

  • Server Takeovers

  • Bounty Hunting

  • Daily theme events

  • Races and Car Meets

  • Ranking up by grinding jobs & missions

Who we are looking for:

  • 18+ (or mature demeanor)

  • Being able to operate within a structured and fast paced teamwork environment

  • Discord and MIC access

  • Professional demeanor

Positions we have available:

  • Enlisted Members (Pilots, Drivers, and Grounders)

  • NCO’s (Junior Team Leaders)

  • Junior Officers (Platoon Captains and Lieutenants)

Interested in joining us?