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21/F/EST Looking for an active, friendly, 18+ group

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My schedule is a little crazy but I'm looking for a group of people I can regularly play games with. The hours I will be on range from 3pm - 3am EST, but days will vary.

I am a complete amateur when it comes to gaming but my most played (and still played) games are:

  • Sea of Thieves (mostly this one right now)

  • CSGO

  • CIV 5

  • Rainbow Six

  • DayZ

  • Valorant

  • League

  • a ton of survival games like The Forest, Raft, etc.

I would also be willing to invest time into an MMO with the right group.

A little bit about myself: I recently lost my job due to the pandemic and have a lot of free time on my hands right now. I'm a very easy going person and can get along with most anyone, but I prefer people who don't rage. As long as your discord isn't filled with screaming 24/7, we'll probably get along. My hobbies mostly involve gaming but I do read and draw in my free-time. Really just hoping to find some good friends to help fill the void that is 2020.

Send me a message on here with a little bit about you and what you'd like to play. I'll give you my discord. Thanks!



29th Oct 2020 - 10:26pm

Hey! My name is Talvo, some just call me T. I play alot of FPS, but I regularly enjoy story mode games. Pretty active when it comes to gaming as I co-own a team with my best friend. She and I started on another team together and broke off to make our own. We have a discord for the team if you'd like to join, my discord is Talvo#0437!